Weddings & Events

Wine Kitz is excited to help you plan your special day. Whether it is your intention to make your own wine to serve during your reception or if you choose to give wine as a thank you gift for attending, our well trained staff can help you select the types of wine, the amount required and can even help dress the bottles up with custom labels in your wedding colours with the message you wish to convey! Come in for a free consultation! No appointment required!

Am I allowed to serve my own wine at my reception?

Check with your venue to confirm before making any plans but in most cases, the answer will be yes. Some venues will charge a corkage fee or request you provide your own bar staff where others will permit it with no restrictions. You will have to confirm with your facility if you require a special permit to serve wine. A great idea is to give wine as favours at your reception and there are no restrictions on providing sealed bottles of wine to recipients over the age of 19, provided the intention is for the wine to be enjoyed later. This is a personal gift that can be enjoyed later by your guests and is celebratory and appreciated!

How much wine should I make?

The amount of wine required for your wedding will depend on the number of guests you are inviting, if you are giving as favours or serving during the reception, the style of dining and much more. A general guideline is 2 standard (750 ml) bottles for every 3 guests attending should you intend on serving wine with dinner. Each batch of Wine Kitz wine produces 30 x 750 ml bottles so the suggestion for a wedding with 100 guests and participants would be to prepare at least 2 batches of wine. For more specific information and recommendations, please come in and speak with our experienced staff to help you make these important decisions.

How far in advance should I make my wine?

Couples are encouraged to start their wedding wines 4-12 months prior to their special day. Wine Kitz wines are drinkable at bottling, however, they continue to improve with age so allowing extra time is always better if possible. This allows time for the flavours to improve before serving.

Can I visit the facilities before starting a batch?

Please do! Our staff is experienced and will be happy to walk you through the process of making wine for your wedding, answering any questions you may have.

We want to make your special day the best it can be! Come in and find out how Wine Kitz can help reduce your stress by helping you serve your guests quality wine!