About Wine Kitz Barrie

Wine Kitz and its predecessor company have been in the industry since 1959, innovating and expanding the home winemaking concept to the in-store winery you will find in today’s modern Wine Kitz store. Wine Kitz Barrie is a consistent leader in the consumer winemaking industry and today is one the world’s largest and most respected winemaking retailers.

Since taking over the Wine Kitz location in Barrie, Dillon has gotten to know his customers and is happily growing the business as well, helping each customer make quality wines at a fraction of retail prices.

Come visit us today and get started on making wine you’ll love!

If you’re a wine lover finding it a little expensive to enjoy your favourite bottles at retail, we’ll help you choose exactly the kit that’s right for your budget and your palate, and advise on any additions (eg. oak, crushed grape skins, etc.) you may like to use to tweak your wine and get it just right.

We look forward to serving you, and if you have a special occasion coming up such as a wedding or a party, we can help you make the perfect wines. Just ask!

Come in and visit anytime…no appointment necessary!